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14 Free Scripture Memory Resources For Your Family

14 Free Scripture Memory Resources For Your Family

This past December, I sat down with my daughter to work on memorizing her lines for the Sunday school Christmas program at our church. It became an exercise in conviction for me.

Conviction #1:  I am growing old. My brain zeroed in on the memory work assigned to the fourth-graders, and we started working through the passage, line-by-line.  It wasn’t until we’d already spent ten minutes getting the first few lines memorized that it dawned on me: My daughter is in third grade.

Apparently, I’m having memory issues already.

Scripture Memory for Kids Conviction #2 was far more important, and unsettling.  As we shifted gears and started work on a familiar passage from Luke 2, the Spirit prompted me with this question: When’s the last time you really worked on any Scripture memory like this?  When’s the last time you did this with your family?

Ouch. That question hurt, because frankly, it’d been awhile.  Sure, I had excuses:  We moved last summer. I broke my foot in the fall.  We had some private challenges we were trying to sort out in our family.  And somewhere in all the whirlwind, I’d lost sight of any attempts to memorize Scripture myself, or with my family.

Have you been there?

Amidst the weekly routines of homework, after-school activities, church events, chores, and social engagements, Scripture memory has often ended up on the dust heap of my to-do list.  Over the past several years, I’ve gone through a few periods of motivation, but then I’ve gotten lost again in a sea of permission slips and schools projects that somehow seem more pressing.

Really, though? Storing up truth in my heart—what’s more important than that?  I know my life is part of a much Bigger Story, and I want to have the words of that story stored up in my heart.  I need those words, desperately, for the days when I’m tempted to believe the smaller stories that the world tries to convince me are true.

My kids need that too.

So this year, I decided to push “Memorizing Scripture” to the top of my to-do list, where it really belongs.  I haven’t come up with a perfect system yet (sorry, but if you’re looking for that, you’re at the wrong blog.) I just found a place to start, and I thought I’d share what I found in hopes that it might inspire some of you as well.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: There are a LOT of free printable Scripture cards available out there on the Internet!  They provide an easy way to pick a selection of Bible verses and then get them into my hands and the hands of my kids.

My plan is to download one set of cards to start, print off several copies of it, and find ways to display these little guys in places where we’ll see them throughout our days. I’ll display one verse at a time, until we’ve got it down—and then switch it out to the next.

I know, it’s not exactly rocket science.  But it’s an action step, and that’s what I need to get this going!  It took me awhile to sort through the different options out there, so I decided to post the best ones here, where you can take advantage of it too.  Just click on the links below, and you’ll get to the page where you can download these cards for yourself.

1: Short Bible Verses (Great for Littles)

2: Bible Verses For Anxious Kids

3: Bible Verses About Loving Others *Note: The big green “Download” button mid-page is just an ad.  The link you want is all the way at the end of the article. 

4: Bible Verses About Taming the Tongue

5: Bible Verses About Overcoming Worry/Anxiety (scroll about halfway through article and click on link for “these free prayer cards”)

6: Bible Verses to Help Fight Fear

Teach Kids to Pray

Free Printable Scripture Cards for Kids

7: Bible Verses About Seeking Wisdom (the link is broken, but if you right click the image, you can “Save Image to Downloads” and have the file downloaded to print)

8: Bible Verses Teaching Our Identity in Christ *Scroll to bottom of page to find link.

9: Bible Verses About Being Thankful

10: Bible Verses About the Names of God

11: Bible Verses About Putting Hope in God

12: Great Bible Verses for Teens  (The site is boy-themed, but I think these would be great for teenage girls too!)

13:Bible Verses For Moms To Pray Over Their Kids

14: Bible Verses To Help When You Feel Grouchy/Overwhelmed This is a Scripture Printable I recently designed with some of my personal favorite verses to help me get through tough days!

I hope these resources will help you jump-start some Bible memory for you and your family!  And I’d also love to hear what Scripture memory techniques work well for you.  As I wrote above, this is very much a “growing area” for me, so drop a comment below and help me continue to learn from your great ideas!

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