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Growing in Grace with the Fruit of the Spirit: Family Bible Study (Digital Download)


Looking for a way to teach integrity and character to your kids? This 30-day study will teach a simple Bible study method to your kids and spur good conversations about what it means to have godly character. This printable resource includes a 36-page study guide, 54 Scripture cards, fruit of the Spirit definition cards, and more! (This is a digital product. No physical item is sent.)


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Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-Control: These are all traits we hope to see in our kids, aren’t they?  But in a world full of alternative values, it’s no easy task to raise kids with this kind of character!

Thankfully, God gives parents two amazing resources to help us shepherd our kids’ hearts:  The Bible and the Holy Spirit.  And this Family Bible study brings both these things together! It’s a tool to help keep your family connected—to the Bible, to God’s Spirit, and to each other.

Through this study, you’ll learn the “FRUIT” Bible Study method—a simple way to teach your kids how to dig into God’s Word and apply it to their lives. And you’ll be spurred to discuss God’s Word together—encouraging each other to build the 9 character traits God wants to grow in our lives.

Here’s what’s included:

  • my 36-page Growing in Grace with the Fruit of the Spirit: Family Bible Study:  Includes an Introduction, ideas for How to Use the Material, and 30 Study Days (Each day includes a Bible reading, discussion questions, and a brief challenge to put God’s truth in action.)
  • 54 Colorful Scripture Cards you can use to reinforce the study
  • A beautiful8×10 home decor print (two versions)
  • A Fruit of the Spirit banneryou can display as a reminder of godly character
  • 9 Definition cardsto help you teach what each fruit of the Spirit means

Here are just a few ideas for how you can put this resource to use in your home:

  • Use for dinner or bedtime devotions
  • Use as a one-on-one studywith older kids, to spark conversations during those “hard-to-connect” years
  • Try a weekly family Bible studythat you combine with family updates, prayer requests, and encouragements.
  • Use the Scripture cards and/or Definition cards as lunchbox notes. Or hide them around the house as surprise remindersof what you’re learning
  • Use the Scripture cards as a discipline tool for poor behavior: Have kids copy Bible verses that correspond to the character trait they were failing to demonstrate when they misbehaved.

Suggested Age Range:  7-14 years old

Please Note : This study is a digital product. (You receive a PDF file to download and print at home or send to your favorite print shop.)

Interested in adding the Fruit of the Spirit Definitions as a beautiful display wall in your home? Check out our  Fruit of the Spirit Bundle here! and receive a huge discount on the 8×10 Print set!


2 reviews for Growing in Grace with the Fruit of the Spirit: Family Bible Study (Digital Download)

  1. Avatar

    Serena Wade-Wade-Harrington

    In a nutshell, I love the Fruit of the Spirit study. I like that the images aren’t childish so that even though it is perfect for kids it doesn’t exclude older people.  I have several resources on this topic and haven’t really found one that does what I want.  They are typically basic and don’t really get into what is meant by each fruit.  I love that you start with an introduction to the Holy Spirit and clarify the source of these fruits.  I also like the definitions that you gave.  I also like the additional resources although I don’t see myself using the bunting.

  2. Avatar

    Ann Knopp

    “Amy has some amazing ways of getting families to share the Bible and time together in conversation.  I like how the Fruit of the Spirit study is in-depth enough to glean God’s word and short enough to remember so that you can recall quickly what you studied.  If you have small children (ages 4-9), these are great tools to use to start studying God’s word together.  If you have teenage children or even young children, use the PB&J cards as conversation starters when you are out to dinner and incorporate the scripture in the conversation.  You’d be amazed at some of the answers that come about plus it might create even more conversation than you ever thought possible.   Thank you, Amy, for letting God use your talents.  I look forward to seeing what else God does through you.”

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