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Free Printable: Bible Verse Treasure Hunt

Free Printable: Bible Verse Treasure Hunt

It’s cabin fever time of year.  These last few weeks of winter seem to linger, keeping everyone cooped up inside, avoiding the cold air and the muddy, slushy mess that’s left behind by melting snow.  It’s been a while since I’ve had young children to care for. But when I saw the weary sigh of a mama at church recently, as she was bombarded by her youngsters after Sunday school class, it quickly brought me back to my own days as a young mom.  All that childish exuberance didn’t look so charming when it bubbled over inside my home on winter days!

Inspired by those memories, I thought I’d put together a fun indoor activity you can do with the littles in your life:  A Bible verse treasure hunt that will have them foraging around your house for the clues (and hopefully tiring them out in the process!).  It’s a fun way to burn up some energy while also enjoying God’s Word together.  

This free printable activity includes eight numbered cards with the words of Psalm 100. And they feature the friendly woodland animals I recently used for the God’s Love themed playroom/nursery art in my Etsy shop. (I can’t seem to get enough of these sweet little animal friends!) The idea is simple:  Just hide the Bible verse cards around your house, and send your kids out to find them!   

Keep reading for all the details below, and grab the free download by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the post.

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How It Works:

  1. Download the PDF by clicking the blue button below.
  2. Print the two pages of the PDF onto plain paper (or use card stock for a sturdier version), then cut out the eight separate cards.
  3. Place your clues into envelopes and then hide them around your house. They will fit nicely in standard 6-3/4” envelopes  or you can use A2 size envelopes for a closer fit. 
  4. Send the kids out to locate all the clues.  Tell them to keep looking until you have all eight envelopes.
  5. Open the envelopes, arrange the cards in order according to the number in the upper right corner. 
  6. Read through the Psalm together and take turns sharing one thing you love about God! 

A Few Fun Variations:

  • Candy Fun: Add a small piece of candy to each envelope along with the Bible verse cards before hiding them.
  • Memorize: After you finish your treasure hunt, place the cards on a simple binder ring  and keep them handy at bedtime or mealtimes so you can reread the Psalm and work on memorizing it together.
  • Race It! If using the activity with multiple children, you can make it a race:  Print a separate set of cards for each kid, and when placing them in the envelopes, mark each set with a separate symbol for each kid.  (Ex.  Emily looks for the red triangle envelopes, Deshawn looks for blue stars, and Taylor looks for the green circles.)  Send the kids out and see who can find all eight of their envelopes first!  
  • Mailbox Memories:  Kids love to get mail!  So send them these cards, one or two at a time, over the course of a few weeks.  Add a little note to the back of their card, and tell them to keep checking their mailbox for more, until they have all eight cards. This is a great option for nieces/nephews, friends, or grandkids who live far away. 
  • Lunchbox Love:  Use these little cards as sweet little lunchbox notes for your kids. 
  • Copycats:  Tuck these cards into your bag, along with a few lined pieces of paper, and take them along to places like church or restaurants with you.  When your kids get squirmy, give them a card and have them copy the verse onto the blank sheet of paper, and then encourage them to draw a picture to go along with it.  This is perfect for those just learning how to read and write!

However you use it, I hope this download brightens up a young one’s day and helps them learn all about God’s faithfulness and love!

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