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A Boy’s Prayer Journal: PB & J Prayers Volume 1

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For many kids, prayer is just a quick word of blessing before a meal—or a list of requests for things they’d like to have. But with this unique girls’ prayer journal, you can help him learn that prayer is so much more! Using the acronym, PB & J, this journal will guide boys toward new ways to pray and give them plenty of space to write down their thoughts for God. Here’s what that “PB & J” stands for:

  • P is for Praise & Thanks.
  • B is for Bless Others.
  • J is for Join with God.

The journal features a cheerful, premium matte cover and measures 6 x 9 inches in size.  Makes a great gift for kids, grandkids, and students! 

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  • 104-page journal
  • 48 Bible verses to read and reflect on
  • 48 “Think About It” questions
  • 48 Prayer Prompts
  • Additional Space for Writing Prayers about: Thank-You, Forgive Me, People to Pray For, On My Mind, and Help Me Show Love Today By . . .
  • Fun kid-friendly design
  • FREE shipping on Eligible Orders (fulfilled by Amazon and eligible for Prime)

(Note: This journal contains the same prayer prompts as the digital version of PB & J Prayer Cards, Set 1.)

Suggested Age Range: Boys 7-14


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