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PB & J Family Prayer Cards – Discount Bundle


Grab this combined bundle and save on our PB & J Prayer cards!  This bundle includes both Set 1 and Set 2 (48 cards each), for a combined total of 96 Prayer Prompts. Teach your kids to go deeper in their prayers as they Praise God, Bless Others, and Join God’s work in their lives. Each card includes a discussion question, Bible verse, and prayer prompt.  (This is a digital product: You will not receive a physical product.)

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For many kids, prayer is a quick word of blessing before a meal—or a list of requests for things they’d like to happen.  But with these PB & J cards, you can help your kids learn that prayer is so much more! Using the acronym, PB & J, these cards will freshen up your family prayer time and teach your kids new ways to pray.  Here’s what that “PB & J” stands for: 

P is for Praise & Thanks: When we take time to give praise & thanks to God, we fill our hearts with gratitude and trust.

B is for Bless Others: When we remember to talk with God about the needs of others, we fill our hearts with compassion. 

J is for Join with God: When we ask God to show us how he’s at work in our hearts and lives, we fill our hearts with wisdom.  

On each card, you’ll find a discussion question, a Bible verse, and a prayer prompt.  This bundle includes both Set 1 and Set 2 of the PB & J Cards.  Each set contains 48 prayer cards for a total of 96 prayer cards in this bundle.

Suggested Age Range: 5+

Please Note : These cards are a digital product. (You receive a PDF file to download and print at home or send to your favorite print shop.) 


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