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PB & J Prayer Cards Set 1 (Digital Download)


Teach your kids to go deeper in their prayers with these handy prompts that help them Praise God, Bless Others, and Join God’s work in their lives. Each of the 48 printable cards includes a discussion question, Bible verse, and prayer prompt.  (This is a digital product: You will not receive a physical product.)

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For many kids, prayer is a quick word of blessing before a meal—or a list of requests for things they’d like to happen.  But with these PB & J cards, you can help your kids learn that prayer is so much more!

Using the acronym, PB & J, these cards will freshen up your family prayer time and teach your kids new ways to pray.  Here’s what that “PB & J” stands for: 

P is for Praise & Thanks: When we take time to give praise & thanks to God, we fill our hearts with gratitude and trust.

B is for Bless Others: When we remember to talk with God about the needs of others, we fill our hearts with compassion. 

J is for Join with God: When we ask God to show us how he’s at work in our hearts and lives, we fill our hearts with wisdom.  

On each card, you’ll find a discussion question, a Bible verse, and a prayer prompt.  Each set contains 48 prayer cards (16 for each of the letters) that you can print right at home!

Suggested Age Range: 5+

Please Note : These cards are a digital product. (You receive a PDF file to download and print at home or send to your favorite print shop.) 

3 reviews for PB & J Prayer Cards Set 1 (Digital Download)

  1. Avatar

    Clare Smith

    “I had the honor of reviewing the PB & J  family prayer card set and was very impressed. I love them! They were beautifully made and easy to use. The prayer cards are set up in 3 simple steps to go deeper rather than a single layer prayer. It helps you understand prayer in different layers (Praise & Thanksgiving, Bless others & Join with God) and very easy for kids to grasp and understand. You could choose the cards you wanted to use depending on the age of who is using them. These prayer cards can be used in many different ways and with different ages. There is Scripture on every single prayer card that matches perfectly. I love the fact that the PB & J family prayer card set has the ability to teach kids what intercession is. I highly recommend the PB & J cards for your family or even for yourself to use.”

  2. Avatar

    Kristen Christy

    “Daily prayer as a family is important to us but sometimes our kids get stuck on what to say to God. These cards are an easy way to prompt conversation together and help kids create prayers/conversation with their Heavenly Father. My kids are also huge fans of PB&J sandwiches so this is a great acronym to help them remember that they can Praise, Bless & Join w/ God. Thank you for this resource!”

  3. Avatar

    Christy Whitsell

    These cards are a great resource for parents who want to enrich their family’s prayer life. The cards ask a question that is applicable to kids’ lives, then offer a related prayer prompts, and finally a related Bible verse. These are short enough to squeeze one in at dinnertime, or if you have a bit more time, to do several. The three main categories are helpful in giving breadth to prayers, and I love the variety in the prompts. I can see these working really well with my elementary schooler and with slight modifications for my preschooler. I’m always looking for good, Biblical resources, and these fit the bill.

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