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PB & J Prayer Cards Set 2 (Digital Download)


Here’s another great set of Prayer Prompts to help youteach your kids how to go deeper in prayer.With the PB & J acronym, they’ll learn to Praise God, Bless Others, and Join God’s work in their lives. Each of the 48 printable cards includes a discussion question, Bible verse, and prayer prompt.  (This is a digital product: You will not receive a physical product.)

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For many kids, prayer is a quick word of blessing before a meal—or a list of requests for things they’d like to happen.  But with these PB & J cards, you can help your kids learn that prayer is so much more!

Using the acronym, PB & J, these cards will freshen up your family prayer timeand teach your kids new ways to pray.  Here’s what that “PB & J” stands for:

P is for Praise & Thanks: When we take time to give praise & thanks to God, we fill our hearts with gratitude and trust.

B is for Bless Others: When we remember to talk with God about the needs of others, we fill our hearts with compassion.

J is for Join with God: When we ask God to show us how he’s at work in our hearts and lives, we fill our hearts with wisdom.

On each card, you’ll find a discussion question, a Bible verse, and a prayer prompt.  Each set contains 48 prayer cards (16 for each of the letters) that you can print right at home!

Suggested Age Range: 5+

Please Note : These cards are a digital product. (You receive a PDF file to download and print at home or send to your favorite print shop.)


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