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Little Hope Notes – Free Printable

Little Hope Notes – Free Printable

Don’t you just love it when something beautiful and unexpected pops into your day?  An encouraging text from a friend, a hug from one of my kids, a favorite, inspiring song playing on the radio–sometimes it’s just the smallest little things that add a splash of color to a long, dull day. 

I recently received a lovely surprise like this in my inbox–a message from a reader that instantly grabbed my attention and filled my heart with joy.  The email came from a reader named Kristina, and it described a personal ministry she started called “Little Hope Notes.”  You guys, this woman has such a beautiful heart, and she’s bringing beauty and hope to our world, one little note at a time.  From the moment I heard about her project, I wanted in!

She ended her message by asking if I might like to help her spread the word about her ministry by sharing it with my readers.  And it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.

Spreading hope through simple notes of encouragement?  Yes!! That sounds like exactly the kind of thing our world needs right now, doesn’t it?

I messaged Kristina back, got to know a little more about her story, and today, I’m so pleased to tell you about her project, and how you can join in. I know you’ll feel inspired by her heart for sharing hope with those who might be feeling hopeless: And there’s even some free printable notes you can download so you can start spreading some Little Hope Notes yourself!

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What Is Little Hope Notes?

Kristina and a growing group of “Hope Advocates” write short, encouraging notes to strangers. They offer simple messages that remind people they are valuable and loved. (You can find some great examples of her messages by checking out her Instagram feed.) And then they hide these notes in “plain sight” in places like grocery store shelves or public restrooms.  As her web site explains, “It’s like a kindness scavenger hunt!”

The Little Hope Notes tagline says “Writing Hope To You Because You’re Worth It,” and that’s the heart of Kristina’s mission. She hopes recipients feel blessed by the kind words they find, knowing they didn’t have to be “earned,” but were offered as a gift of love. Here’s what Kristina shares about her vision for Little Hope Notes:

“My dream for Little Hope Notes is that it helps to bring communities together.  A handwritten note can literal meet someone where they are and be the encouragement then need to press on. The most beautiful thing is that I have been so moved just in writing these notes. I pray over each one and write what comes to mind. I have never written the same note twice. My hope is that each one finds its ‘person.’

Many of the notes are encouraging for those that suffer with mental health–like so many of us do.  It has been a taboo topic for too long and I hope that the Little Hope Notes help people to seek support as they need it.”

Who Started It?

Kristina Nicole (called “Nikki” by most people in her life) began Little Love Notes in March of 2019.  She writes a blog that provides weekly inspiration and tips on how to live a life that is filled with intentional kindness. (Check it out right here!)

Kristina Nicole

Here’s a bit more about her life, in her own sparkling words:  “I’m a Jesus-loving humanitarian at heart with a vintage-lovin’ soul! I love dusty book stores, creative writing, old costume jewelry, and drinking hot tea year round. The mountains make me happy and any outdoor adventure with my family is what I’d consider the “perfect day.” My husband, daughter, and I call Culpeper, Virginia home, but we’re nomadic in spirit and love to travel. I’m a people-loving introvert whose “people time” expires within two hours of any social event. Then, you can find me snuggled up in a thick sweater and reading a book in bed.”

How Did It Start?

Here’s the story of Little Hope Notes, as Kristina shares it:

“The idea of Little Hope Notes was born in a moment of curiosity and boredom, actually! My husband and I were sitting in an airport waiting to fly out to Italy for our 10th anniversary in March of this year. My creativity always spikes at airports–I people watch and wonder where they are going: Are they flying out for a honeymoon? Are they marking a destination off of their bucket list? Is a funeral the reason for their travels? Maybe it is their third business trip of the month and they’re missing family.

As I people watched and saw the discouraging headlines scrolling across the TV screen across from me, I thought of an idea. I unzipped my carry-on and dug to the bottom for blank note cards that I had with me. I figured that the best way to encourage people on their journey, wherever it may take them, was to use the resources that I had in that moment. I wrote my first Little Hope Note, sealed it in the envelope, and addressed it with two words: ‘ Dear Stranger’. Over the next couple of hours, I wrote a dozen notes and made a short journey around the terminals closest to me and left them in random places–bathrooms, water fountains, book shops, etc. I signed each note with a heart. Then, during that same trip, I created an Instagram account so that people that found the notes could share their stories if they chose to.

“Kindness in its purest form is simple, unassuming, and genuine. We do not need to wait for the “right” moment, resources, or idea.” – Kristina Nicole

I left notes in Washington, D.C., New York City, Dublin, and Rome. Slowly, I heard back from a couple of people that had discovered the notes in the airports. I knew then that I wanted Little Hope Notes to move beyond a one-off project. It was an encouragement to me that we don’t need a lot to pay it forward--kindness in its purest form is simple, unassuming, and genuine. We do not need to wait for the “right” moment, resources, or idea. Using what we have is the best place to start and NOW is the best time to begin.”

How Do I Get Involved?

Would you like to start a Little Hope Notes movement in your own hometown?  Anyone can get involved. And it’s as easy as grabbing some pens and paper and jotting down some encouraging words to share with a stranger!  Then you head out to spread your notes of kindness in places where strangers will find them–at the library, local stores, parks, etc.

Here are a few ideas to help you jumpstart your Little Hope Notes project:

  • Grab the FREE Printable “Dear Stranger” notes below:  They include website info so people can learn more about Little Hope Notes and spread some hope of their own
  • Write about emotions/circumstances/fears that you have struggled with.  What is the truth or encouragement that would help you keep hope?  Right that on your cards.
  • Host a Little Hope Notes gathering with friends: Have a stock of cards and pens available, then meet at a local coffeeshop to fill out notes together.  When you’re done writing, enjoy a fun walk together, hiding your notes in plain sight throughout your town.
  • Make Little Hope Notes a family project: Get your kids involved by writing and/or decorating notes. Then enjoy hiding them together in stores the next time you run errands!
  • If you need ideas for what to write, you can find inspiration by scrolling through Kristina’s Instagram feed: She shares many pics of the notes she’s written.

    Here’s one of the “Little Hope Notes” I wrote. Now it’s your turn!

Free Printable Notes!

Any sort of stationary or notecard will work for creating Little Love Notes. But to celebrate this beautiful ministry, I decided to create a set of free printable “Dear Stranger” notes you can download and print right from home.  They feature pretty little watercolor splashes and flowers, plus website info so people can learn more about Little Hope Notes or print off some of these free notes and continue spreading the love. To grab the notes, just click on the blue download button below.


(Downloads are only available to More Like Grace subscribers: By clicking the download button below, you consent to OPT-IN to our email newsletter with monthly encouragement and freebie news. Unsubscribe any time.)




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