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Surprise Love Note Challenge: Six Love Notes in Six Weeks

Surprise Love Note Challenge: Six Love Notes in Six Weeks

I recently opened an old photo book and found some notes I’d stashed inside back in my high school days—words of appreciation scrawled by fellow mission team friends. I remember turning to them, back in my high school days, to find encouragement on days when I was doubting my worth.

Their words still touched my heart, reading them all these years later.

It made me think: In our fast-paced world, we don’t often slow down enough to actually put our love into words, much less written ones. We might throw out “I love you,” but how often do we flesh that out?  How often do we say, “I really love this about you” or “I treasure you because of this.”  

Our culture focuses on surface shine and performance: I want my family to know they are loved for who they are. 

So I’m setting a little challenge for myself, and I’d love for you to join me: Surprise your loved ones with six hidden love notes during the next six weeks.  

Pretty simple, right? Here are are the“rules” of the challenge.

  1. You must write six love notes to someone over the next six weeks. 
  2. Each note must include something about why you love that person. (Mention something specific you enjoy about their personality, gifts, passions, shared memories, etc.)
  3. You must hide the notes somewhere they will be discovered, and say nothing until they are found. (Rehiding is allowed, in the event that your note goes undiscovered awhile.)

That’s it!

I’m really hoping that you’ll take up this challenge, so I wanted to make it even easier:  I’m providing you with some free printable love notes!  I’ve designed four different sets to choose from. All you need to do is download them here, grab a pen, and get started!

I’m already having fun trying to brainstorm some good hiding places:  taped to the steering wheel of my husband’s car, tucked inside my daughter’s homework binder, slipped into my son’s instrument case so he’ll find it during band.

So . . . Are you in? Drop a comment below if you plan to complete the challenge: And offer a suggested hiding spot for me and other readers to try!

Free love notes can be downloaded here. 

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Comments (3)

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  2. Avatar

    What a great idea, Amy! I’m in! I love your hiding spot ideas. I might also try my kids’ lunch boxes, their underwear drawers (let’s see how often they really change their duds…scary!), and under their dinner plates. Thanks for the fun idea. 😊

    Feb 9, 2018 Reply
    • Avatar

      Haha! I might not have much luck with my kids’ underwear drawers either! Now if I taped them to our snack cupboard… I’m SURE they would be found!

      Feb 9, 2018 Reply

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