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Thankful ABCs – Free Printable

Thankful ABCs – Free Printable

Sometimes I get a little carried away, friends.

I recently created a floral “Thankful” garland and shared it as a free printable here on the blog. (I actually made two, because I couldn’t decide between two lovely color options!)   It was a pretty, early-fall day as I put that little project together, and I must’ve felt inspired, because I had another great thought:

This would be a sweet little project to do with kids:  They could have fun cutting out the letters and stringing them together to make a decoration for the home.

I didn’t think kids would be as excited about pretty floral designs as I am.  (Excited is an understatement, friends. I have an addiction to all things pretty and floral. Send help.)  So I scoured around for some fun fall colors and prints that would be appealing to both kids and adults.  (Yes, mama. I’m thinking of you.  I want this to be both fun AND lovely hanging in your home!)

And then I thought, why just make the word “Thankful?”  What if I did the whole alphabet, and left a little space for families to write down things they’re thankful for, beginning with each letter?  I thought this could be a great little activity to help cultivate gratitude in your family or classroom.  And so off I went clicking away in Photoshop and creating this sweet Thankful ABCs bunting you can print right from home!

Then I had another idea:  Maybe some people would prefer to make this into a book project instead!  After all, not everyone has lots of extra wall space to display the whole alphabet.  So I went back to the computer and modified the files so I could offer a rectangular design for families who might prefer to create a “Thankful ABC Book.”

(By this time, it was long past time to start supper.  It was fish sticks and Tater Tots that night, friends. My family is used to these gourmet delights on the days I “get an idea”!)

Now, without further ado, I’m happy to share this free printable with you!

Just grab whichever style you prefer–the bunting or the book–and gather your kids together to jot down all the things you’re thankful for, from A – Z!

I hope this simple little project adds a sweet, festive touch to your home this Thanksgiving season, and reminds you of all the many blessings we can be grateful for, every day of the year! Download by clicking the blue box below. (Please be patient: Files are big and may take a few extra moments to download.)


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    I love your website and wat to explore it more. The free pintables are adorable. I signed up and downloaded one but when I tried to get the other version your site asked me to sign up again. I think I’ll enjoy your news letters or what not but don’t want to keep signing sign up. I’m new here, do I have to resign up for purchases too?

    Dec 14, 2019 Reply
    • Avatar

      You do have to fill in your email with each download — it’s just part of the process my download software uses because files also get emailed. Your name only gets added to the e-mail list with the first download thought, so rest assured, you won’t receive multiple newsletters clogging up your inbox. Thanks for stopping by the site and feel free to download away! 🙂

      Dec 14, 2019 Reply

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