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4 “Noteworthy” Appreciation Gift Ideas: Free Printable Gift Tags

Washi Tape Crafts

Easy Gift Ideas for Teachers, Volunteers, and Friends

So if you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know I’ve gone a little Washi tape crazy this month.  I recently wrote this post featuring DIY Notecards I made up with some adorable tape I found at Hobby Lobby.  Sixteen notecards later, I still had lots of Washi tape left. So I just kept sticking it on things.  Like gift labels.  And these Notebooks.  And some pens.  And a few pencils for my kids.

I might have a problem.

But here’s the good news:  As I sat back and admired my lovely Washi-tape creations, an idea popped into my head.  These things would make great Teacher Appreciation gifts! I realized that the notebooks, notecards, and pens all fit a “noteworthy” theme. And off I went to design a few cute labels that would “note” my appreciation.

I also broadened my scope a little. I mean, why stop at Teacher Appreciation?  These ideas would also be great as Volunteer Appreciation gifts, or Thank-You gifts, or just a sweet little gift for a friend!

So now I’m excited to share these gift ideas–and the Free printable gift tags–with you. They’re all super-easy things you can craft at home. Or, for those of you who just broke out in hives when I used the word “craft,” just go buy these cute items at the store. You can still add a bit of that “homemade” touch by printing out my free gift labels and adding it to the gift. Super easy, right?  (And you won’t have to sign up for Washi Tapeaholics Anonymous with people like me.)

I’ve added a download link at the bottom of this post so you can print off the “Noteworthy” and “Noted” labels you see in my pictures.

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Some Cute Washi Tape Inspiration . . .

Gift Idea #1: Notecards 

Make these Washi tape cards  (or buy some cute notecards at the store). Tie together with a ribbon or string. Punch hole in the “Noteworthy” label and add to the string before tying the bow. Add a decorative pen for a another special touch.

Gift Idea #2: Pens in a Mason Jar

Pick up some pens at the store and gift them in a Mason Jar.  (Or make your own decorative pens with Washi tape, as pictured. Simply wind the Washi tape around the pens in row—a great craft for kids or grandkids!)  Tie a pretty ribbon or string around the jar, adding the Noteworthy label to the string before you tie the bow.

Washi Tape Crafts

Gift Idea #3: Notebooks

Craft your own DIY Embellished Notebooks or buy some pretty notebooks at the store.  Tie a string or ribbon around notebook, adding the Noteworthy label to the string before you tie the bow. Add a cute pen to complete the theme.

Gift Idea #4: Post-It Notes

Who doesn’t love a fresh supply of post-it notes?  You can add a little charm to this practical gift with a simple paper wrap and label: Cut a strip of scrapbook paper or construction paper into a 2.5” strip, and then wrap the strip around the stack of sticky notes. (Optional: Add a strip of Washi tape for decoration.)  Tie a string around the stack, with a Noteworthy label attached.

I hope these ideas help you share appreciation for all the helpful people in your life!  The labels can be downloaded with a click below. And as always, I’d love to hear from you.  Drop a comment below and let me know how these gift ideas worked out for you.

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