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DIY Fabric Frame Home Decor

DIY Fabric Frame Home Decor

I’ve got a quick and charming project to share with you today!  After adding some sweet farmhouse-style prints to the shop recently, I wanted to find a creative way to put a few on display in my home.  And these diy fabric frames turned into sweet wall art that perfectly fits the bill.

As usual, I turned to my collection of leftover fabrics, with a smidgen of an idea in my mind.  Maybe I can frame a kitchen-themed print with some colorful, vintage-vibe fabric I thought as I tugged the drawer open and started wading through my stash.

Fabric Frame CraftUnfortunately, despite the fact that I have approximately 5 gazillion pieces of fabric scraps left over from previous projects, I couldn’t find anything quite the right size and color combination for what I had in mind.  So after a quick coupon clip and a trip to Jo-Anns, I returned with $3 of fabric, ready to tackle the project that was coming together in my mind.

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I already had the foam board and other supplies on hand, so I printed off the “In This Kitchen” print I wanted to feature and set to work crafting these diy home decor pieces.  I was excited to discover that the fabric I used seemed custom-made to match the Pioneer Woman sugar jar and creamer that add a touch of nostalgia to my kitchen window sill.  The finished print fits in just perfectly with my kitchen!

Of course, once I start crafting, I have a tendency to get a little carried away:  Inspired by my results with the first print, I grabbed some of the leftover fabric I still have on hand from my Cloth Napkins and Kitchen Towel projects I made earlier this year.  Luckily, I had a couple pieces big enough for this project, and so I set to work crafting up a couple more diy wall art pieces that feature prints from my shop.

In the end, I created three pieces, and now I face the toughest part about this whole craft project: Deciding which ones to keep and which ones I might opt to give away as a homemade gift!

If you’d like to craft up on of these do-it-yourself wall frames for your own home, I’ve got you covered with the step-by-step instructions and pictures down below.  Once I got my supplies together, I finished the first frame in less than a half hour, so it’s a great home decor project to enjoy, even if you don’t have hours for crafting. Happy crafting!

Supplies Needed:



Step 1:

Print and trim your home decor design to an 8″ x 10″ size.  (Visit my shop for some great print designs or create your own.)  I highly recommend using cardstock paper to avoid seeing glue “bumps” in your paper when you get to step 5.

Step 2:

Trim your matte paper to 8.5″ x 10.5.”  Then glue the 8×10 print to your matte paper.  (I used a paper cutter to get nice, straight lines.)

Step 3:

Cut your foam board to 12″ x 14.”  I used my rotary cutting mat and guide to measure my cuts, and then did the actual cutting with an exacto knife.

Step 4:

Place your trimmed foam board on your fabric and trim your fabric, using a scissors, to about a 1″ to 1.5″ border around your foam board.  (The cut edges will not show when you’re done, so it’s not too picky that you have perfectly straight edges.)

Step 5:

Fold the fabric over your foam board and staple in place around all edges. Be sure to protect your work surface when you are stapling as some of the staples may poke through very slightly in the front. (I found that when this happened, the staple ended up being hidden by the fabric on front.)

Open your stapler up and push down firm and quick to get the staples neatly into the foam board

For the corners, I wrapped each corner into a triangle shape before folding over–just like wrapping a present.

Step 6:

Flip the foam board over so your completely fabric-covered side shows.  Center and glue your matte paper and print to your board using tacky glue. Be sure to spread the glue all the way to the edges of your paper to avoid gaps around the edges.

Here’s what the front will look like when you’re done!

Step 7: (Optional)

If you want to hang your print, you’ll need to add a picture hanger to the back side of your print.  Instead of inserting the screw that comes with your picture hanger, simply use super glue to hold in place.  (The finished  wall frame is very light, so the super glue will hold just fine.) I marked the center point on the back of my frame using a standard ruler.

**If you’d rather display this on a shelf or countertop, you can either a.) lean directly against a wall, or b.) use an old 8×10 picture frame as support and simply lean your print against it.

And that’s it!  You’re finished and ready to display your charming new wall art–or give this homemade decor gift to someone you love. Hope you have fun putting this little project together, friends. Happy crafting!


Fabric Frame Craft

Fabric Frame Craft
Fabric Frame Craft


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