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Father’s Day Banner: Free Printable

Father’s Day Banner: Free Printable

Free Printable Decorations

Last week, I shared some Father’s Day Blessing cards that can add a meaningful touch to your celebration this year.  And today, I’ve got another freebie to help you show your appreciation for Dad.

This free, printable Father’s Day banner features the same colors and patterns I used for the Blessing Cards–so if you’re hosting a celebration, they can complement each other as part of your party decor.  And the message is simple and sweet: “Love You Dad.”  A perfect greeting for Father’s Day–but it would also work great for a birthday or any other celebration you host for your dad.

The free printable bunting comes as a PDF file with pieces printed on several pages.  To assemble, just follow these easy instructions:

  1. Print the file.  I recommend using a sturdy cardstock so your banner will hang nicely and not have light shining through the paper.
  2. Cut out each piece of the bunting using a sharp scissors.
  3. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the upper center of each piece and then string onto a piece of twine, ribbon, yard, or string.  (Whatever you have handy will work just fine.)  If you prefer, you can also attach the string to the back of your banner using tape.  Just lay all your pieces face down on the ground IN REVERSE ORDER (they will be in correct order when you flip the over), lay your string across the back of them, and attach with a few pieces of tape on each section of your bunting.  (I’ve used both of these methods for my bunting in the past, and prefer the hole punch method because you don’t have to worry about the tape becoming unstuck.  But taping works out fine if you don’t have a hole punch handy.)
  4. Leave some extra string on each end and use it to hang your banner!

You can grab the free printable Father’s Day banner by clicking the box below.   If you’d like some gift ideas or a thoughtful alternative to a traditional (and expensive!) greeting card, check out my 16 Father’s Day Gifts that Kids Can Make and Free Printable Father’s Day Blessing Cards for more ways to make dad’s day special. Happy Father’s Day!

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Free Printable Decorations

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    Thank you for banner!

    Lucy Hernandez
    Jun 13, 2019 Reply

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