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Father’s Day Blessing Cards – Free Printable

Father’s Day Blessing Cards – Free Printable

Printable Cards

We just enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day here at our house, so it might seem a bit odd for me to be posting about Father’s Day already.  But somehow, I feel like the weeks between these two spring holidays seem to pass in double-time.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like Father’s Day sneaks up on me like a stealthy little tiger.  The rest of May will pass away in a colorful blur of end-of-school events, holiday parades, and graduation open houses.  And before I’m quite ready for it, June arrives with a sunny smile and a friendly reminder that it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day.

Over the years, I’ve had fun planning out little crafts and surprises with my kids to share with my husband on this special holiday.  (It also happens to be his birthday in June, so we have an extra reason to celebrate!)

This year, I’ve got a fun little freebie that I’ll be using to add a sweet touch to our Father’s Day festivities.  And of course, I’m sharing it with you too!

After making a pretty little set of Mother’s Day Blessing Cards last year, I decided it was time for me to add a set for Father’s Day too.  So I put together a set of four printable cards you can use to share favorite memories and reasons you love your dad. I know the stores have rows and rows of fancy cards you can buy for dad, full of thoughtful sentiments printed in decorative fonts.  But there’s just something special about a handwritten message, isn’t there?  

In all the buzz and busy of our world, it’s especially important to pause from time to time and let the people we love know just how much they really mean to us.   And these little blessing cards are a simple way you can share your heart with your dad (or grandpa).

The free printable Father’s Day cards offer short little prompts like “I love Dad because . . . ,” “One of the ways Dad has blessed me is . . . .” and “One of my favorite memories with Dad is . . .” so you can jot down a set of personal messages for your dad.  And there’s  version you can use for Grandpas too! 

Here are a few ideas for how you can put these little cards in play this Father’s Day:

1. Fill all 4 cards out personally and tie them together with some twine or ribbon. Use in place of a traditional Father’s Day card for your husband, father, or father-in-law.

2. Print off enough cards for everyone in your family to fill out at least one:  Invite your kids to join you in putting together a stack of cards and then gather them all into an envelope to give to dad (or grandpa!).

3. If you are hosting a meal for Father’s Day, print enough cards for each guest. Hand them out as they arrive, or set one card at each place setting to decorate your table. After guests have filled out the cards, invite them to share their words out loud with dad/grandpa.

4.  Fill out a set of cards (either personally or with the kids) and then hide the blessing cards around your home—or tape them to the bathroom mirror—for your husband to discover on Father’s Day. 

You can grab the free printable by clicking the button below.

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However you decide to put these free printable Father’s Day cards to use, I hope they help you express your love and appreciation for the special men God has placed in your life.   And if you’re looking for some gift ideas or Father’s Day decorations, you can also check out my 16 Father’s Day Gifts that Kids Can Make and Free Printable Father’s Day Bunting for more ways to make dad’s day special. 

Happy Father’s Day! 

Printable Cards

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