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16 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

16 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Craft Ideas for Kids

Crafts for Kids to Make Dad

Okay, friends. Father’s Day is almost here. That means it’s time to embark on that epic quest once again–the search for a great (and affordable!) guy gift.  Maybe some of you have “easy to shop for” dads and grandpas.  But my experience has always felt more similar to seeking chocolate cake in a health food store.  Not an easy task.

(Drat. I’m hungry for cake now.)

It also happens to be summertime, which means those wonderful munchkins who dwell under your roof have a little extra time on their hands.  (Yes, go ahead and sigh with me. The days of summer boredom and complaining are upon us. Have mercy on us all.)

So why not put your kids to work creating a little Father’s Day love this year?  I scoured the web to create this collection of crafts that would make great personalized gifts for dads or grandpas. Don’t worry: There’s nothing requiring hours of labor or complicated power tools here!  Just simple ideas that you and the kids can put together on one of those “boring” summer afternoons.

I hope you’ll find a fun idea you can make for the special dad or grandpa in your life. Just click on the title links for instructions and more pictures. Happy Crafting!

(*Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I will earn a small percentage on items you buy through this link. Thanks for helping me support more great content for the blog!)

1. Love You Dad Keychain

Father's Day Gift Idea

This keychain from www.armelleblog.com  is a quick craft that dad or grandpa will probably enjoy every single day!

2. Decorated Golf Balls

Have a guy who loves to golf?  Add a gift card for a round of golf to these DIY decorated golf balls from laughingkidslearn.com and you have a great Father’s Day gift.

Need Craft Supplies?

(Thanks for purchasing thru these links and helping me support more great content for the blog!)

3. “We’re Nuts About You” Photo Frame

Father's Day Gift Idea

Is dad a Mr. Fix-it who loves to spend time in the tool shed?  This creative frame craft from happinessishomemade.net would be a great way to show your appreciation for his handy skills!

4. Monster Trail Mix

Father's Day Gift Idea Such a cute idea if you have littles in the house!  This trail mix craft from lilluna.com and includes the fun monster label as a free download.

5. Lawnmower Cupcakes

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Got some aspiring bakers in the family?  Put them to work on these adorable cupcakes from thejoysofboys.com and give dad a sweet thank-you for all his hard work around the house.

***6. Scribble Mug

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Another simple craft that Dad or Grandpa can enjoy every time he pours a cup of coffee. This scribble mug from I Heart Arts and Crafts would be an easy craft for any age.

7. Love You To Pieces Picture Frame

Another great picture frame idea, and something that won’t break the bank, either! (Grab a puzzle, paint, and popsicle sticks at the dollar store and you’re all set.) Check it out over at Blogged Bliss.

8. Edible Tackle Box

Does dad or grandpa like to take the grandkids fishing?  Put together this special tackle box from Let Your Scribbles Be. (You should really “sample” a few of the pieces as you put this together. Just to make sure they’re top quality bait. It’s the responsible thing to do.)

9. Indiana Jones Soda Pop 

Father's Day Gifts

Here’s a super simple gift idea from I Dig Pinterest that any dad would enjoy! (I mean, what guy doesn’t like being told he’s even better than Harrison Ford?)

10. A Grill Platter for Dad

Father's Day GiftsIs dad the king of the grill?  Then craft this creative grilling platter from Gluesticks and let him perform his royal duties with a memento from the kids.

11. Coasters for Dad

Father's Day Gifts

A quick and easy craft from Lia Griffith, these coasters can be made with the free printables available on her site. (Update: It looks like this printable is no longer free, but it’s available as part of a membership plan.)

12. My Dad Rocks Picture Frame

Father's Day Gifts

This picture frame craft from Mommy Moment would be a fantastic gift for the outdoorsman.  Have fun collecting rocks with your kids and then turning it into a special memory for dad or grandpa.

13. Washi Tape Bookmarks

Father's Day Gift IdeasIf dad or grandpa appreciates a good book, why not craft him some to these washi tape bookmarks from Suburbia Unwrapped. Tuck in a giftcard from Amazon and you’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift for a bibliophile.

14. Guess Whooo Loves You? Card

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Aww… how sweet is this little card from I Heart Crafty Things? And probably something you could throw together with supplies you already have on hand!

15. A Book For Dad

Father's Day Gifts

Have a great writer or artist in the family? Put them to work creating this special book from Eighteen 25 with sweet art to color and writing prompts too.

16. Tin Can Desk Organizer

So I couldn’t secure the permissions to post an actual picture on the blog, but this craft was too colorful and fun for me to pass up. (And bonus, it upcycles tin cans, thus saving the earth for future generations. Yeah!) Check it out over at the Parents web site.

Father’s Day Gifts Crafts for Kids


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  1. […] There are so many easy and budget friendly crafts you and the kids can make for the office. DIY picture frames, mugs and plaques work perfectly! I liked several of these ideas from More Like Grace. […]

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    Number 11: coasters for dad… this doesn’t seem to be a free printable. When I click the download link on the liagriffith website it prompts me to purchase a monthly or annual membership… Is there another link I’m missing?

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      Looks like that website changed things up since I wrote this post, so now the labels are only available as part of the paid membership. 🙁 I will update the post to note the change. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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        No problem! I ended up getting a membership anyway as there are so many awesome projects on the site. Funnily enough, once I downloaded the coaster file I saw that it still says it’s a free printable on one of the pages…

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