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Choose Your Own Adventure Bible Reading Plan for Kids (Free Printable)

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Free Printable Bible Reading Plan for Kids

(*If you’re looking for the free printable Bible reading plan, just scroll down and look for the blue button that says “Download Here.”) 

Summer Break is upon us and that means many wonderful adventures for our families over the coming weeks.  Bike rides and hikes.  Campfire s’mores. Walking down the sidewalk with ice cream cones in hand.  

What’s your favorite part about summer vacation?

The best part—to me—is that I don’t have to assemble school lunches first thing every morning! Without the daily grind of school, related activities, and homework, we have some wonderful breathing room. And I adore the slower pace.

This summer, I want to take advantage of this relaxed schedule to encourage my kids’ spiritual growth. One simple idea I had was to offer them a Summer Bible Reading Challenge. 

Similar to the way schools and libraries often hand out reading charts and incentives for summer book reading, I decided to create Bible reading plan for my kids.  (And hey, they can even count their Bible reading time toward those other reading charts too. Win-win!) 

I ended up with 20 unique reading challenges from God’s Word that follow a “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme. (I loved diving into those books as a child!)  Each day, kids can choose which of the two passages they’d like to explore. And then I added some simple “Think About It” Questions that will challenge my kids to do more than just read the Bible—but actually take it to heart. 

Of course, I wouldn’t go off and create something like this without sharing! (One of the many wonderful lessons I hope my kids will pick up from diving into God’s Word!) So I’m adding the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Bible Reading Challenge as a free download right here.  Just click on the blue button below and you can start your own family on a great summer of studying Scripture together! 

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Our Favorite Bibles:

Just a couple quick ideas for how you can put this to work for you:

  1. Use the Reading Plan for Family Devotions/Bible Study:  This is a great option for any family, but especially for those who don’t have independent readers quite yet. Take turns letting the family members “choose the adventure” reading for each day. And dig into Bible study by processing the “Think About It” Questions together.  Plan a fun celebration when you complete the challenge!
  2. Use the Reading Plan for Personal Reading Time:  If your kids are older and read independently, you can invite them to complete the reading challenge on their own. (You may want to offer a reward/incentive to keep them motivated!)  
  3. Make It a Challenge For Everyone: If you opt to have your kids use the chart for personal reading, here’s a great idea:  Why don’t mom and dad take on the challenge too? As you all digest the same Bible passages throughout the summer, it might spur some great conversations around the supper table or during those bedtime good-nights.  Have a little fun and make it a contest to see who finished first!

However you opt to use it, I hope this Reading Challenge will give your family a fun way to connect with each other and God’s Word this summer! 

Download the Choose Your Own Adventure Bible Reading Plan!

(Downloads are only available to More Like Grace subscribers: So with downloading, you’ll be opting in to our email newsletter with more encouragement and freebie news. Unsubscribe any time.)


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  • Martha Siler
    4 months ago

    Thank you. I am so glad to have found your webpage.

    • amyjoy
      4 months ago

      I’m glad you found it too! 🙂

  • Bonnie Beeman
    4 months ago

    Where can I find the think about it questions?

    • amyjoy
      4 months ago

      Hi Bonnie, The download should have two pages. The “Think About It” questions are on page 2. Hope that helps!

  • Heather
    4 months ago

    I love this! My 3 older children are going to start this today (8, 10 and 12)!!!!!
    What a wonderful tool to engage my children during the summer and help guide them through their personal devotion time. Thank you and God bless!!

    • amyjoy
      4 months ago

      My son has been tearing through his too! He’s already decided that when he finished the chart the first time through, he’ll go back and read all the other choices the second time around. 🙂 Have a great summer!

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