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Free 8×10 Scripture Print: He Who Began a Good Work in You

Philippians 1:6: “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” 

There’s a vintage typewriter that graces the front entry of our home. It’s small, and dark teal, and I love how it captures the imagination of kids who visit our home.  They place little fingers on the circular keys, fiddle with the levers, and ask “Does it work?”

No, the little machine doesn’t work anymore. But that’s okay with me. I didn’t buy it for that. It came from a little antique store, where I was browsing for an old windowpane I could use on our mantel. But when my eyes landed on that little typewriter, it was love at first sight.

Free Printable 8x10

The store had tucked a paper into the roller, printed with these hopeful words:

“God who started this work in you will keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish.” – Philippians 1:6

I must confess, friends, that at the time, I hadn’t been feeling overly hopeful.  I’d been fighting through a confusing season of my life: A schedule full of activity, but a heart that felt disconnected and doubtful about my purpose.

For a variety of reasons, I’d pushed writing and creative pursuits to the sidelines of my life. But staring at that typewriter stirred up old longings–a desire to play with words again, to create, to inspire.

I bought the typewriter, and with it came a whisper from God’s heart: I’m not done with you yet, daughter. I know you often doubt it, but I have a plan and I’m working it out. Keep looking for it. Keep trusting it will come.

That was a year ago this month.

Since then, God planted the idea for this blog on my heart, gave me the opportunity to set it in motion, and blessed me with people to cheer me on.  It’s still a journey: I’m not at that “flourishing finish” yet. I sometimes worry and wonder and wrestle with both God’s timing and the doubts that filter into my heart.

I’m very much a work in progress, friends.

But today, I’m celebrating God’s goodness. His plans. And his quiet way of working in our circumstances, even when we can’t see it.  Even when we don’t quite believe it.

Someone out there needs to hear this truth today:  God has started a good work in you. And he’s not going to give up on it.

No matter what you’ve done. Or what life has done to you. No matter how many questions, or doubts, or fears may swirl through your days. God is still working.  Still shaping. Still planning to bring something beautiful out of the dark cocoon.

This month, I want to help us all remember God’s faithfulness.  So I designed this free, 8×10 Scripture printable that you can print off and place in your home. Whether you stick it to the fridge with a magnet, tape it to your bathroom mirror, or frame it on a countertop–I hope that every time your eyes glance at it, you’ll hear God’s Spirt whispering:

I’m not done with you yet, daughter.

I’m not done with you yet, daughter. I know you often doubt it, but I have a plan and I’m working it out. Keep looking for it. Keep trusting it will come.

Grab your printable  by clicking the blue button below. And can I make a quick suggestion?  Someone you know needs these words:  Print off a second copy and use God’s promise to encourage them too!

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  • Chris
    1 month ago

    Excellent and beautiful. I wish that the name of the verse is also included

    • amyjoy
      4 weeks ago

      Adding the Scripture reference is a great idea! I will see what I can do!

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