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Free Printable Family Prayer Journal

Free Printable Family Prayer Journal

What’s your “new normal” looking like these days?  It’s a phrase I’ve been hearing a lot lately as stay-at-home restrictions have gradually lifted and we’re figuring out how to live amidst a pandemic.  For me, nothing has felt very normal for three months now.  That structured, daily schedule I used to enjoy has tumbled into pieces like a Jenga tower that had one too many pieces removed!

Can anyone relate?!

Amidst all the uncertainties and challenges of this current season, I have enjoyed one beautiful silver lining: Without the usual slew of everyday distractions, we’ve been able to enjoy some great conversations about life and faith.  Now, as the pace of life starts to pick up a bit, these family prayer times are something I want to hold on to.

As we pick up all the pieces of life that scattered during this pandemic, I hope we can rebuild our family a little stronger–a little more focused on our always-faithful God.

If that’s something you’d like for your own family, then I’m excited to share a new free printable resource with you today.  It’s a 10-Day Printable Family Prayer Journal that you can use to spark faith conversations with your kids and spend some time together in prayer.   Each day features a verse to read, a question to discuss, and a simple prayer prompt.  There’s also space to jot down your family’s personal requests.  It’s nothing fancy–just a little tool to help your family go deeper in prayer.

This free printable prayer journal  features ten “PB & J” prayer prompts that I pulled from 100 Ways to Pray With Your Kids, a prayer journal I sell in the shop.  (And with no time for creating free printables in recent weeks,  I decided to just share a few pages from the prayer journals/cards that I sell!)

So what is the “PB & J” about?

It’s just a fun little acronym to help you teach your kids how to pray:  Each letter explains a different facet of prayer, and the way it can feed our hearts.  Here’s what it stands for:

  • P is for Praise: There are so many reasons to praise God. And he gives us so much to be thankful for! When you take time to give praise & thanks to God, you fill your heart with gratitude and trust.
  • B is for Bless Others: We might not have the power to fix everyone’s problems–but God does! We can ask God to bless others and help them with their struggles. When you talk with God about others, you fill your heart with compassion.
  • J is for Join God’s Work: What is God trying to say to you? God is always at work in your world and in your hearts–and he wants to help you grow in your faith. When you ask God to help you join in that work, you fill your heart with wisdom.  

In the free prayer journal, you’ll find 10 days of family prayer prompts, each day rotating through one letter from the acronym.  Hopefully, this simple resources will inspire some great family devotion times and help you teach kids how to pray!

You can grab the free printable prayer journal by clicking the blue Download button below. 

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And if you’re interested in more prayer resources, for your kids or the whole fam, be sure to stop by and check out our full PB & J Collection in the shop! 


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    Dear Grace,
    The calendar is simply beautiful. Thank you for this lovely addition to my floral calendars – I collect them for their lovely feeling they give me.
    Blessings, Virginia

    Jun 4, 2021 Reply

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