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Mom’s Day to Shine: 5 Ways to Host A Meaningful Mother’s Day

Mom’s Day to Shine: 5 Ways to Host A Meaningful Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day genius, I think I may have peeked in fifth grade.  That was the year my teacher embarked on the dubious adventure of teaching our class how to basketweave.  Some of the results were . . . rather interesting. (You know I mean ugly, right?) 

My basket, though?  It was a masterpiece.  Small, round and blonde-colored, my basket featured a ring of mauve and green fibers woven along the top. (This was the late eighties, people. Mauve and green acceptable home decor choices.)  I decided it would make the most perfect Mother’s Day gift of all time.

I’m sure my mom appreciated my little gift, though I doubt she saw the craftsmanship with quite the same eyes as I did. At the end of the day, though, all that really mattered is that I had poured my heart into something, and I wanted to give it to my mom so she’d feel special.

Tips for Hosting Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Ideas

All these years later, I still feel that impulse—that desire to honor my mom and show her how deeply she’s appreciated.  But the reality is, now that I’m a busy adult, Mother’s Day has a way of sneaking up on me! I flip the calendar to May and feel caught empty-handed—no handwoven basket at the ready.

And of course, life is busy! There’s just not a lot of time to pour into creating a “perfect Mother’s Day.”

Fortunately, I don’t think it has to take weeks of planning to make Mother’s Day something special.  Sometimes, it’s the small, simple gestures that actually bring the most meaning to the day. Whether you’re hosting an elaborate Mother’s Day brunch or you’ll be offering greetings from miles away, here are a few simple and heartfelt ideas to help you honor your moms:

1. Tell Her Why You Love Her

This is such a simple concept, but often overlooked in the effort to plan food for a nice mother’s day brunch or find the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift. Maybe the most meaningful thing you can do for your mom is to actually tell her that you love her—and why. 

What are some of your favorite memories with mom over the years? Thank her for them. What are the personality traits you admire? Tell her. How has God used her to make an impact on your own faith journey?  Mother’s Day is the perfect day to share.  Don’t let the day pass without telling mom you love her, and offering at least one reason why.   


If you’d like a simple—and pretty—way to tell mom how you love her, grab these free printable Mother’s Day blessing cards I recently added to the blog.

Free Printable Cards

Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

2. Pray for Moms

Mother’s Day is a sweet celebration for many, yet the challenges of motherhood are not always so charming!  And this holiday that brings joy to many hearts opens wounds for others—those with troubled family relationships, who struggle with infertility, or who may be parenting alone.  Take time during your mother’s day celebration to pray and ask for God’s blessing on moms—both in the room and around the world. 

If you’d like some inspiration, there are many mother’s day prayers available online.  I appreciate the variety of prayers offered here here (including one for the Stressed out Mom and For Those Who are Hurting.)  And this resource this resource (actually written for Britain’s version of Mother’s Day) also offers some beautiful prayers that could be incorporated into your event. 

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Hosting Tips

3. Buy a Gift That Lifts Up Other Moms

In many parts of the world, women face huge obstacles and vulnerabilities in trying to care for their children, especially single mothers. There are many amazing organizations working to help these women create a better life for their kids.  Why not honor your mom in a way that also lifts up other moms?  It’s a win-win for everybody.

I personally love the Moriya Ethiopian Handbags and Accessories offered through Loving Shepherd Ministries and can vouch for the integrity of the organization from personal experience.  Other great companies/organizations to check out include Women at Risk boutique (handcrafted jewelry and stationary made by women rescued from sex trafficking around the world) and the Noonday Collection (fair trade jeweler working to empower small businesses worldwide).    

4. Read a Bible Passage about Moms

On Mother’s Day, of course we honor our earthly moms. But it’s also fitting to point to the One who created motherhood in the first place. Take time to thank God for the unique blessing he’s given in your mom and consider reading a Bible passage that captures the beauty of godly moms. There’s a great list of appropriate passages to share on Mother’s Day available here.

5. Add a Few Simple Decorations

Taking the time to add a few lovely touches to your home or table can communicate to mom and grandma that you wanted their day to be extra special.  And decorations don’t have to be elaborate, expensive, or “perfect” to show you care.  A simple vase of flowers, a hand-drawn “Happy Mother’s Day” sign from the grandkids, or a Mother’s Day Bible verse on display would fit the bill just fine. 

I know that many of you are reading this and thinking “If only I had time . . .”  That’s exactly why I put together a free printable “Love You Mom” bunting you can download right here.   It’ll only take you ten minutes to download and assemble (less if you can get your kids to help!) and add a sweet touch to your home for Mom.  

Free Printable Mother's Day Decorations

Mother’s Day Bunting


Well those are a few of my ideas for making this Mother’s Day meaningful, but I’d love to hear from you!  What’s your favorite way to celebrate mom and grandma, or show a special “mentor mom” that you appreciate them? Drop a comment below and share your ideas!








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  1. Avatar

    Great ideas! I write things for my mother. I am putting together a book of verses for her and some art work. I gave her a massage and prayed for her yesterday. I thought that is personal, maybe I’ll give her a facial. We’ve been all through the perfume and candy and spa certificates, and she hates to get flowers that die. The prayers are a great idea over each other. We all need those.

    Rebecca Jones
    May 8, 2018 Reply
    • Avatar

      A book of verses for your mom–that sounds so sweet! I’m sure she loved it. Hope you had a great time celebrating Mother’s Day this year.

      May 18, 2018 Reply

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