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Free Printable Christmas Music Bunting

Free Printable Christmas Music Bunting

It’s getting closer, friends.  December will be here soon. With just a couple days left before Thanksgiving, I’m giving myself permission to start dreaming of a white Christmas this afternoon. Snowflakes are dancing through the air as I type these words and the notes of Frank Sinatra’s “Holly Jolly Christmas” float around me.

The next few days will be all about gratitude, family, and amazing food. I love the simplicity and warmth of Thanksgiving celebrations and will be savoring every moment!  But another favorite tradition of my Thanksgiving weekend will follow on Friday, when I pull out the box of holiday decorations and get to work “decking the halls” of our home for the Christmas season.

I’m guessing many of you will be busy with your own decorating in the coming weeks, so I wanted to offer a little something you could use to add a festive touch to your home.  This free printable “Merry Christmas” bunting is my little way of saying Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I was inspired by the designs of some DIY ornaments I made for our Christmas tree (my post about this fun craft will be coming to the blog next week!) and decided to make a bunting that would complement the musical paper I used for those ornaments.  You can make your own bunting by downloading the free printable below and following the simple assembly directions at the end of this post.


(I actually ended up designing a buffalo-check bunting as well, pictured below. If you’d prefer this design, you can grab that free printable by clicking here.)

Whichever bunting you choose, here are the simple directions for how to assemble your bunting.

Assembling Your Bunting

  1. Download the bunting of choice.
  2. Print the designs.  I recommend using cardstock or heavy-weight paper.
  3. Lay out the letters, making sure there is even spacing between them.
  4. Cut a length of ribbon, twine, or string, that will be long enough to hang all the letters.  Leave at least 12″ of extra string on each end that you can use for hanging.
  5. Using tape, attach the string to the back side of your letters.  (*If you prefer, you can also use a hole punch to make two small holes in the upper corners of each letter. Then you can push your string DOWN through the upper LEFT hole, and then back UP through the upper RIGHT hole of each letter.)
  6. You are all set to hang your holiday bunting!

I hope this little free printable bunting project will be a fun way to welcome in the holiday season.  And I hope you and your family have a beautiful season of celebrating Jesus’ arrival!

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  1. […] bunting instead, which is pictured below, you can check out my other design by clicking here. […]

    • Avatar

      Could I please have the above bunting on one Letter on a A4 page.
      Music Christmas Bunting

      Oct 30, 2019 Reply
      • Avatar

        I’m sorry the bunting isn’t in the size you wanted. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have capacity to do custom sizes on the free printables throughout the site. Maybe someday when my kids are grown and I have more time! (I like to dream.)

        Oct 31, 2019 Reply

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