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Free Printable Buffalo Check Christmas Bunting

Free Printable Buffalo Check Christmas Bunting

A couple weeks ago, I sat down to design a “Merry Christmas” bunting for the blog.  I came up with a festive music style bunting that was inspired, in part, by some DIY ornaments I had crafted for our Christmas tree this year

But then I opened the mail and saw a flyer from my local craft store.  The cover featured all things Christmas–throw pillows, decorative signs, ornaments, and ribbons galore.  And I noticed a clear trend on every item:  This year, apparently, it’s all about buffalo-check plaid!

I love the homey and farmhouse feel of plaids, and couldn’t resist heading back to my computer to design a whole new Merry Christmas bunting–this one featuring the black-and-white plaid that seems to be adorning many holiday decorations this year.

And now I’m offering this free printable bunting to you–just a little way of saying “Merry Christmas” and spreading a little holiday cheer.

You can grab the buffalo-check Christmas bunting below. Then follow the simple directions below to assemble your holiday bunting.


(*Note, if you’d prefer a music-themed bunting instead, which is pictured below, you can check out my other design by clicking here. )

Instructions for Christmas Bunting Assembly:

  1. Download the bunting of choice.
  2. Print the designs.  I recommend using cardstock or heavy-weight paper.
  3. Lay out the letters, making sure there is even spacing between them.
  4. Cut a length of ribbon, twine, or string, that will be long enough to hang all the letters.  Leave at least 12″ of extra string on each end that you can use for hanging.
  5. Using tape, attach the string to the back side of your letters.  (*If you prefer, you can also use a hole punch to make two small holes in the upper corners of each letter. Then you can push your string DOWN through the upper LEFT hole, and then back UP through the upper RIGHT hole of each letter.)
  6. You are all set to hang your holiday bunting!

I hope you have fun putting this little bunting project together.  And even more, I hope you savor the true meaning of this season: Celebrating the arrival of God’s love.

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  1. […] (I actually ended up designing a buffalo-check bunting as well, pictured below. If you’d prefer this design, you can grab that free printable by clicking here.) […]

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    Thanks ever so much for sharing so many great printables they are really appreciated

    Dec 30, 2019 Reply

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